Portland Jewelry Artisans offers wholesale jewelry services. At Portland Jewelry Artisans we take pride in our superior craftsmanship and experience. Our team of jewelers rely on their extensive experience, a combined total of over 130 years, and the latest technologies to create the best results.

Our goal is to always provide excellent quality in a timely manner. By combining our extensive knowledge and skill, we use the best process to ensure the job is done right .


Repair / Restoration

Our jewelers have the experience and knowledge to repair/restore even the most challenging projects. We offer a complete rang of jewelry repairs and restoration.

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Custom Jewelry

Our jewelers use the latest technology along with their extensive experience, to create the jewelry of your customers’ dreams. Whether it requires Computer Aided Design, hand carved wax or custom fabrication; Portland Jewelry Artisans can do it.

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Mass Production / Finishing

Whether you need 10 or 100, we can get the job done. Our quality molds combined with superior casting ensures remarkable finished pieces of jewelry.

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Engraving / Enameling

If you desire the timeless elegance of glass enamel, the graceful lines of hand engraving, or the simple precision of machine engraving we can accomidate your design needs.

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Stone Setting

Do you have precious stone that you would like set?  Let our skilled stone setter, with over 40 years experience, place them with precision and care.

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We cast all precious metals: gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

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